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Living in an uncertain and challenging era, we need to be agile and embrace changes to re-engineer this world.

We know change is hard but essential for progress. This is no small project. That’s why we’re doing it.

Six characteristics of ALPers

To make the industry simpler, smarter and more sustainable, no matter where you from, what you are, an ALPer shall possess these following qualities, in the mission to “Change for better”.

Customer Centric

Creative Minded


ALP starts with customer’s experience and works backward.

From the initial contact of knowing us, to meetings with us, to explore our products as a solution, to working with us on implementing our products, to moving into our facility, to becoming a member of Logistic Republic, we make sure you have a great experience.  To "Sustainably Satisfy Our Client" is the key mindset.


ALP has prided ourselves in our abilities to find ways to create positive work.

To be creative can mean a new invention or a combination of existing ideas and tools.  To be creative also means you need to own the subject matter and be able to find real solutions to the core problems; there will be no shortcuts for creativity.  We believe in continuously optimizing and look to fix problems at the source

Curiosity Driven

Comprehensive in Thought


We are always asking questions, always reading books, and constantly learning.

The more we understand, the more we understand we need to know more.  The thirst for knowledge and the ability to acquire these knowledge is the fuel for growth and change.


To do things good and effective, we have to think holistically.

Issues have different sides which represent various angles as well as different participants and viewpoints.  We understand different agendas to the issue will lead to crossroads, we pride in our ability to figure the issues’ priority and the courage to make decisions.  The ability to ‘understand/own the subject matter', to be 'empathetic to various participants' and the 'willingness to communicate', will be key to allow us to be complete thinkers thus allowing us to be even more creative.

Speedy in Action

Simple in Execution


ALP likes to take Calculated Risk rather than over-analyzing problems.

When a decision needs to be made, we make it.  The key is in our ability to collect critical data, to sort/filter these data, and arrange it in a way for us to analyze and make good decisions.  ALP leaders are expected to get their hands dirty and pay attention to detail because we now work in a fast-moving/changing business environment, our ability to oversee the execution details is critical in minimizing unexpected risks/issues during implementation.


The ability to simplify complex issues to its core elements would be key to comprehension and communication.


Industry Pioneer

- Leading from Changing

Started from logistics development, ALP has built a diverse team with multidisciplinary talents from construction management, supply chain solutions and IT systems. ALP even brought in talents with catering and hospitality skills to provide a better working environment for employees in our logistics parks. Integrated adequate financial resources and visionary talents, ALP has capitalized capabilities to unleash business performance and catalyze the logistics industry. 


More than 45% of ALPer are under the age of 30. In order to build a healthy and flexible startup atmosphere, no matter how young or experienced you are, everyone’s opinion can be heard at ALP. 

CEO Office

Leading ALPers on the route to innovation and change, introducing amazing new products.  We're a managing team ingrained with a persistent attitude and unsatisfied with the industry’s status quo and are set out to change it.

Supply Chain Solution

The mission is to take the supply chain to the next level, from warehouse automation design and execution to system maintenance and operations, committed to building a new generation of modern automated warehouses.

Product Development

Possess the endurance, the wit and the will of a special force, responsible for architecture design planning, construction management, facility management, and Cafe catering management. A team of warriors dedicated to creating logistics facilities for the next generation.

Information Technology

We are creating software solutions to connect processes, humans and robotics, making a digital revolution in the logistics industry.


Business Development

Understand customer and industries’ demand more than themselves, in charge of market development, customer relation, leasing management, become the solid bridge connecting the industry with ALP.

Administration Management

Dealing with Financial, Administrative matters, ensuring the smooth administration process for all departments, supervision for all aspects of the company.  The most trusted and reliable place for an ALPer to lean on.

Branding Team

Aiding ALPer to communicate and deliver our enthusiasm to the world.  Thinking outside the box, being extraordinary and a boost to any ALPer!

We need you to change the industry.

We are looking for extraordinary talents that are pushing your boundaries. If you believe in our “Change for Better” value, this is your chance to show the world what you stand for!

Share your CV with us!

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