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OMEGA with Automation

OMEGA, as a one-stop solution, integrates automation equipment and systems in order to minimize clients’ upfront capital expenditure, integration risk, and hidden costs. 

To standardize and automate for operational ease 

截圖 2022-08-29 下午12.20.52.png

By Pallet

截圖 2022-08-29 下午1.30.07.png

By Carton

截圖 2022-08-29 下午1.28.29.png

By Piece


To provide customized integrated solutions for clients


Robotic carton picking system 


Four-way pallet shuttle 


Robotic carton

picking system 


Four-way pallet shuttle

To build data brain and digital twin to improve operations 


Physical OMEGA 

Digital OMEGA 


Data Brain

Comparing OMEGA with Traditional Warehouse Operation 

Facility with Automation Built -in

AS/RS is set up to enhance storage capacity and pallet in-and-out efficiency

Additional Automation Solution

ALP can assist clients in implementing automation solutions in open warehouses to support their operations.


AS/RS Racking System

截圖 2024-02-07 中午12.33.44.png


Robotic Arms

Automated Guided Vehicles


Traditional Working Scenario

Limited storage capacity for future expansion and labor-intensive processes

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