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Ally Logistic Property
Privacy and Personal Information Protection Statement

Effective : April 1st, 2021

Through this “Privacy and Personal Information Protection Statement” (“Statement”), Ally Logistic Property (“ALP” or “we”) would like to inform you, as required by Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act of Taiwan (“Act”), the following matters when we collect and process your personal information: the purpose of collection; classification of personal information; period, areas, parties and way of the use of personal information; your rights and entitlements under Article 3 of the Act and how you may exercise them; impact on your rights or entitlements in the event that you elect not to provide  the required personal information


To protect your rights of privacy, please review the Statement carefully. When you check the box of “SEND”, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed for ALP to collect your personal information, process and use your personal information.

1  Scope of Application

The Statement applies to all of the personal information that ALP may collect via one or more of the following channels:

1.1  The official website of ALP

1.2  Social media pages of ALP

1.3  Emails from ALP

1.4  Any and all other forms of communication channels that ALP may from time to time use to facilitate its business, including without limitation, any online/offline or any online, electronic or digital forms of communication.

2  Purpose of Information Collection

When we (a) are required by applicable laws (b) have a contractual, quasi-contractual or similar relationship with you or (c) have obtained your consent, ALP collect and process your personal information for the following specific purposes: Human Resource Management; Land Administration; Engineering Technical Services Management; Real Estate Services; Investment Management; Contracts, Contract-like or Other Legal Relation Matters; Business and Technical Information; Domestic and Overseas Interchange Business; Procurement and Supply Management; Site Safety Management; Meeting Management; Information (Communication) Services; Internet Shopping and Other Electronic Commerce Services; Investigation, Statistics and Research Analysis; Construction Industry’s Administrative Management; Warehouse, Transportation, Container Freight and Other Logistics Services; Consumers, Customer Management and Service; Other Business Operation in Accordance with our Registered Lines of Business or Areas of Businesses permitted by ALP’s Articles of Incorporation; Other Consulting and Consultant Services (each a “Specific Purpose” and collectively “Specific Purposes”)

3  Categories of Personal Information

The categories of personal information to be collected by ALP include but not limited to: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, ID Number, ID Copy, Occupation, Education Level, Contact Address, Contact Phone Number, Email Address, and other information that can directly or indirectly identify the individual. The actual personal information retained by ALP depends on, and is determined by, the specific information submitted by you on the applicable web pages, relevant business application forms or contracts.

4  Period, Areas, Parties and Way of the Use of Personal Information

4.1  How long may we use your personal information: from the date on which you provide the information to ALP until the expiry of the longest of the following: (a) the period in which the applicable Specific Purpose continues to exist; or (b) any retention period that may be specified applicable laws or contract(s); or (c) any such period as may be necessary for us to continue our business relationship with you.

4.2  Where, who and how your personal information may be used: ALP, its subsidiaries, contractors or other business partners may, if necessary and within the limit of the relevant Specific Purpose, process, use or transfer (including both domestic and international), of your personal information either within the territory of Taiwan, the Republic of Taiwan or in any other country permitted by applicable laws.

4.3  Protection and Disclosure of Your Personal Information: ALP will take appropriate security measures and endeavor to prevent any theft, override, damage, loss or unauthorized leakage of your personal information in accordance with our information system security policies.  ALP will not, without your consent, disclose your personal information to any third person or use your personal information for any purpose other than the purpose(s) for which we have collected your personal information, except: (a) to the parties outlined above, who may have access and use of your personal information, or (b) when ALP is required by applicable laws to provide or disclose your personal information to a competent regulatory authority, judicial body or any other governmental authority with appropriate investigative authority.

5  Website Link

ALP’s website may contain links to other websites. If you click such links, you will leave ALP’s website. Please note that any personal information subsequently provided by you or collected, processed and used by the third-party website will not be governed by the provisions of this Statement. We highly recommend that you review the privacy protection notification of such  company or website before providing your personal information.

6  Use of Cookies

In order for us to enhance our services to, when you browse or review this website, the website server(s) will automatically receive, collect and record the server data of the browser that you use, including Cookies data, IP address, browsing history, website access history, and browsing time, etc.  Such data is used for the purposes of analyzing user behavior, which serves as a reference for improvement of our website services. As the records outlined above are capable of identifying individual users and most browsers automatically accept Cookies, if you do not accept the use of Cookies, please disable the relevant setting in your browser. We note that this may result in the unavailability of some or all the services offered by our website.

7  Your Rights to Personal Information

7.1 Inquiry and Review: In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, except for the exceptions provided under Article 10 of the Act, you may request the company to (a) allow inquiry, access to view, or to provide a copy of your personal information (limited to your own data); (b) supplement or correct your data, provided the reasons are explained; or (c) request to cease the collection, processing, utilization, or to delete your personal information.

7.2 Should you have such requests, please contact our company. However, in accordance with Article 14 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the company may charge a necessary fee for inquiries or requests to view personal data or to provide a copy thereof.

7.3 You have the freedom to choose whether to provide the relevant personal information. However, if you are unable to provide the necessary personal information, the company may delay or be unable to conduct relevant reviews or processing, and thus delay or be unable to provide the related services to you.

8  Amendments and Announcements of This Statement

This statement has been effective since April 1, 2021. However, in response to changes in social environment, legal regulations, and technological advancements, the company reserves the right to modify or update the content of this statement at any time and will publish the updated version on our website. If you have any questions regarding this statement, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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