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The largest smart warehouse in Asia

OMEGA 2 Yangmei

Upcoming: Q1 2024

Land Size: 64,000 sqm

GFA: 134,000 sqm

AS/RS Zone: 80,000 pallet positions

/ Located near the Yangmei Interchange of National Freeway 1, providing quick access to Taoyuan International Airport and major cities in Taiwan.

/ Designed with circular ramps on both sides, allowing trucks to directly access each floor.

/ Aims to obtain Taiwan's EEWH and LEED international green building certifications.


Cross-industry alliance development paradigm

OMEGA 3 Yangmei

Upcoming: Q2 2025

Land Size: 51,000 sqm

GFA: 78,000 sqm

AS/RS Zone: 65,000 pallet positions

/ Connects multiple ALP warehouses in Yangmei, creating synergy and scale effects.

/ Assists in revitalizing traditional industry assets.

/ Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards, Planning and Design Golden Award.


The largest automated cold chain warehouse in Taiwan

OMEGA 4 Daxi

Upcoming: Q1 2026

Land Size: 31,000 sqm

GFA: 79,000 sqm

AS/RS Zone: 20,000 pallet positions

/An automated multi-temperature logistics center with cold storage, ambient storage, and dual-temperature storage.

/ Located near the National Freeway 3, providing fast service to densely populated areas in Taipei and New Taipei City.

/ Situated in the northern Taiwan retail warehouse cluster, suitable for cold chain products channels and suppliers.


First logistics import node in Northern Taiwan


Land Size: 347,000 sqm

GFA: 202,000 sqm

/ The first and largest modern logistics park in Taiwan

/ Connect Keelung harbor and Taipei metropolitan area

/ Distribution center for convenience store chains in Northern Taiwan


Largest cold chain logistics park in Taiwan


Cold hub

Land Size: 114,000 sqm

GFA: 23,000 sqm

OMEGA 1 Ruifang

Land Size: 32,000 sqm

GFA: 22,000 sqm

AS/RS Zone: 8,700 pallet positions

/ Meet the needs of main consumer markets in Northern Taiwan

/ International-grade, automated cold chain facility with multi-temperature environments

/ Minimize client upfront capital investment, as automation is built-in by ALP


Multifunctional logistics park for Central Taiwan


Land Size: 37,000 sqm

GFA: 84,000 sqm

/ Integrated multifunctional warehouse

/ Next to HSR, Railway and MRT stations with close access to highway ramp

/ A complex for storage, R&D offices, retail stores, and co-working spaces

/ Warehouse for e-commerce, pharmaceutical & healthcare, bicycle, and precision industry


New generation of  international standard logistics park


Land Size: 61,000 sqm

GFA: 101,000 sqm

/ Near Dayuan Industrial Park and Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

/ Multi-floor buildings with ramp-up truck driveway

/ Multi-temperature cold storage facilities

/ Distribution center for FMCG, pharma, food, and retailing

The largest automated medical hub in Taiwan


Land Size: 17,000 sqm

GFA: 35,000 sqm

/ Approaching Dayuan Industrial Park and International Airport (TPE)

/ Equipped with high-capacity AS/RS storage system

/ GDP qualified multi-temperature storage space

/ Warehouse for medical, pharmaceutical & healthcare products

2015-06-27-完工照-_MG_7106 fix.jpg

Mega facility for multinational clients


Land Size: 30,000 sqm

GFA: 44,000 sqm

/ Modern mega logistics operation center

/ Located in Dayuan Industrial Park, near International Airport (TPE)

/ Winner of 2015 Taiwan Interior Design Award

/ Warehouse for FMCG

ALP Yangmei III
Coming Soon

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